Colloquium  on Public Musicology
A colloquium on public musicology will take place in Montreal on the 27thand 28th of February 2025.
From its foundation, musicology established itself as a science with a public vocation. Depending on the languages, countries and eras, public musicology has been called “music appreciation,” “outreach,” “vulgarization,” “music education,” etc. This international colloquium on public musicology aims to create a dialogue between the academic community and the practitioners, to reflect on the modalities by which we mediate our expertise. Three themes are suggested: the relationships with the publics, the relationships with the knowledge and devices used, and the question of professional profiles and disciplinary legitimacy.
We accept communications in French, English, in person or by videoconferences. The deadline to submit is August 15, 2024.
Call for participation in English : Call for participation
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