SOCAN Foundation/ MUSCAN Award of Excellence for the Advancement of Research in Canadian Music

Purpose of the Award: To recognize, on an annual basis, a mature scholar who has established a nation-wide profile in the field of research into Canadian music and its composers. Canadian music is understood to include art music (vocal, instrumental, electroacoustic), folk, jazz, and popular (all genres). The winner’s dissemination of research results will have demonstrably increased aural and cultural understanding of Canadian music among other musical scholars and among musical performers. It will also, whether directly or indirectly, have led to increased understanding of Canadian music among the general public for music, or among members of a younger generation of future audiences and musicians. The winner’s work may have accomplished the latter either directly (through talks and publications aimed specifically at general audiences or young people), or indirectly (through the talks and publications of later researchers who have been inspired by, and built upon, the winner’s contributions).

This award was established in 2012, and previous award winners are:

2019: Mary Ingraham

2017: Regula Burckhardt Qureshi

2016: Gordon E. Smith

2015: Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre

2014: John Beckwith

2013: Elaine Keillor

2012: Beverley Diamond


The Canadian University Music Society gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support of the SOCAN Foundation in the awarding of this prize.




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