Session/Séance 1i: MusCan Mini-Concert

Session/Séance 1i: MusCan Mini-Concert (12:30 pm – 1:00 pm) [EJB 130] 

Canadian Piano Pieces from Umbra Septentrionis (The Shadow of the North)
(Centrediscs CD CMCCD 23417, released in 2017)
Yoko Hirota, pianist


Eight Songs Without Words (2012)*
   I. Mon ombre
   II. Tombée du jour
   IV. Aurore

Bruce Mather (b. 1939)
Trinômes (2011)*
    III. Sgano
François Morel (b. 1926)
Inverno (2014) Brian Harman (b. 1981)
Leaps of Faith (2009) Brian Current (b. 1972)

*The pieces were written and dedicated to the pianist, Yoko Hirota, by the composers