Session/Séance 5a: CAML

Session/Séance 5a: CAML. Friday/vendredi 26 May 2017. 11:00 am – 12 :30 pm, EJB 130.
      Chair: BRIAN MCMILLAN (Western University)

1. Helmut Kallmann’s Calling: A Renewed Vision for 21st-Century Musicology and Librarianship
     Maria (Vincenza) Calderisi, Library and Archives Canada, retired and
     James K. Wright, Carleton University

There can be no more important task for Canadian musicology than to foster a thorough understanding of the music that has played a significant role in both shaping and reflecting Canada’s cultural history. And there can be no better moment than Canada’s sesquicentennial to celebrate and reflect on the legacy of CAML co-founder Helmut Kallmann, arguably the most important and influential music librarian in Canadian history. Kallmann championed Canadian music in all of its manifestations, embracing Canadian folk, indigenous, popular and art musics in his library work, collections development, scholarship, and advocacy. His visionary project, national in scope, would constitute his life’s work. How can we update and learn from Kallmann’s extraordinary vision and legacy as we enter the twenty-first century? As we face new challenges in understanding the notion of culture and nationhood in the new millennium, this paper poses a fundamental question: “WWKD” (“What would Kallmann do?”).

2. A Place in this Faculty: Building Community Through Teaching and Mentorship
     Jan Guise / Katherine Penner, University of Manitoba

The presenters will describe a collaborative project that uses the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy and its application to a music history curriculum. The project enhances the Eckhardt-Gramatté Music Library’s role as a partner in the Desautels Faculty of Music. The partnership creates a sense of community among librarians, music faculty and students and establishes the Library as a truly embedded place within the faculty. The presenters will also discuss the eight-year mentoring relationship that began this project. Mentorship has strengthened their sense of belonging, to the profession and to the institution. Through regular job shadowing, networking opportunities, and professional collaboration, mentoring fosters knowledge transfer and could enable succession planning during Jan’s transition to the University of Toronto. The University of Manitoba now has a viable option for temporarily filling the role with a skilled individual until the position is posted and a permanent replacement is hired.

3. Hot Topic Discussion: The Future of Music Librarianship in Canada
     CAML Board

The 20th century brought significant changes to the way music is created, transmitted, studied, taught, and archived. Members of the CAML Board discuss the challenges and opportunitites that these and other recent changes have created for music librarians.

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