Session/Séance 8d: MusCan Roundtable Diversity in Canadian Post-Secondary Music Faculties: Voices from the Field

Session/Séance 8d: MusCan Roundtable. Saturday/samedi 27 May 2017.  11:00AM - 12:30PM, EJB 225
Diversity in Canadian Post-Secondary Music Faculties: Voices from the Field
      Mary Ingraham, moderator; Karen Burke, York University;
      Stefan Sunandan Honisch, Independent Scholar; Nasim Niknafs, University of Toronto;
      Dylan Robinson, Queens University; Yun Emily Wang, University of Toronto

The goal for this roundtable is to open up conversations around what diversity means and how it is encountered in everyday practice. The session is predicated on the assumptions that differences should be valued and encouraged and that, historically, little space has been given to listen to these voices and experiences. The panellists reflect a breadth of genders, ethnicities, sexualities, ages, and abilities. Rather than ‘representing’ particular groups of people, each presenter will consider from their own perspective the problems or challenges of ‘belonging’ in specific music programs/careers. The anticipated outcomes of the session are to examine the structural challenges that impede post- secondary music faculties from diversifying, and to identify places in which we might create space for more diverse voices to belong in music research, performance, and education across our institutions of learning.



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