Session/Séance 8i: MusCan Mini-Concert, Boundaries and Borders: The Search for Identity

Session/Séance 8i: MusCan Mini-Concert. Saturday/samedi 27 May 2017. 12:30PM - 1:00PM, Walter Hall, EJB.
Boundaries and Borders: The Search for Identity
     Deanna Oye (piano), University of Lethbridge
     Elizabeth McDonald (soprano), University of Toronto
     Cory J. Renbarger (baritone), Bemidji State University

Early Canadian Settlement
from Studies and Rambles of Wasagewanoqua (1996)
     (Based on Anna Jameson’s Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada)
             II. Toronto (ramble)
             V. From Sault Ste. Marie en Bateau! (ramble and three studies)
             VI. Ojibway Quaince (ramble and study)
John Greer (b. 1954)

Canadian Confederation Poets
   Be Quiet Wind (Charles G.D. Roberts)
   For Broken and Tired Am I (Archibald Lampman)

The American Indianist Movement
   Four American Indian Songs, Op. 45
                I. From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water
   Three Indian Songs, Op. 32
               II. Inketunga’s Thunder Song

American Folk Songs
    Ching-a-ring Chaw
    The Gallows Tree

Martha Hill Duncan (b.1955)
Matthew Emery (b. 1991)
Charles Wakefield Cadman (1881-1946)
Arthur Farwell (1872-1952)
arr.  Aaron Copland (1900-1990)
Steven Mark Kohn (b.1957)



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