Session/Séance 10: CAML Panel Consortia Models for Music Collections: Dream or Possiblity?

Session/Séance 10: CAML Panel. Saturday/samedi 27 May 2017. 4:15PM - 5:45PM, EJB 225.
     Chair: CATHY MARTIN (McGill University)
Consortia Models for Music Collections: Dream or Possiblity?
      Houman Behzadi / Caitlin Tillman (University of Toronto) and
     Bonna Boettcher (Cornell University)

For many years, academic libraries have relied on collaborative collection building and consortia models to maximize the power of their acquisition budgets. The evident benefits of these models are the elimination of unnecessary duplication and effective resource sharing among a number of institutions with similar or com- plementary interests. The disadvantage could be the difficulty of meeting the requirements of all participating members. Furthermore, the sustainability of the agreed-upon commitment over a long period of time could pose significant challenges for the participating members. Could a consortia model be designed for the benefit of Canadian music collections? If so, what does this model look like and where should music librarians begin? This presentation will address some of the opportunities and challenges facing music collections within consortia when it comes to inter-institutional borrowing. A discussion among panelists and with the audience will explore whether a consortium of Canadian music collections could be a possibility or merely a dream.




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