Session|séance 4.3.

Session|séance 4.3. Betty Andrews Recital Hall
Chair: Michael MacDonald.

Thursday|jeudi 24 May|mai 2018. 10:30AM - 12:30PM.


4.3.1. Performing Interculturality

Kiu Tung Poon, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 


CHEN Yi (1953-) Ba Ban (1999) for solo piano

ZHOU Long (1953-) Pianogongs (2006) for piano and two Chinese opera gongs 

LEE Wan-Ki Wendy (1977-) Kirie (2009)

LIANG Lei (1972-) The moon is following us (2015) for piano solo

Since the 40s, three “waves” of Chinese composers have gone to the West to study contemporary music. Many of them found the need to pursue their own cultural roots as a prerequisite for their creativity. Syncretizing Chinese and Western sonic attributes became a solution to these composers: in the context of Ba Ban, one of the most widespread Chinese traditional compositions, CHEN Yi juxtaposed a pentatonic folk tune with her chromatic melody and turned to serialism; ZHOU Long mixed percussive piano sound with two Chinese gongs to create Beijing opera-inspired atonal sonority in his Pianogongs; LIANG Lei reinterpreted a Qinghai folksong in aid of audio signal processing and set the pitch materials in the contemporary avant-garde fashion. Wendy LEE made used of pentatonic layerings, particularly wide-spaced perfect fourths and fifths to create symmetrical sonic effect inspired by Chinese paper-cut art. This mini-concert draws an attention to American-Chinese composers Chen Yi, Zhou Long and Liang Lei, and Canadian-Chinese composer Wendy Lee’s distinctive ways of expressing their cultural roots in contemporary Western setting.


4.3.2. Gypsy (Film, 6m)

Tudor George Titoiu (Dir.), Romania 

Funeral of a gypsy.


4.3.3. The Sound of Selflessness (Film, 5m)

Nelson Salis (Dir), USA

An introspective look into the unique approach and insights of avant-garde jazz saxophonist and composer John O'Gallagher.


4.3.4. 24/04 World Orchestra (Film, 18m)​

​​​​​​Seg Kirakossian (Dir), Armenia

The documentary '24/04 World Orchestra' is a 18 minute film-memoir where the initiator of the orchestra - Sergey Smbatyan, tells about his inner fillings, difficulties and dramatic moments they've faced 2 years ago. The '24/04 World Orchestra' had 123 musicians from 47 countries, particularly from Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Russian National Orchestra etc. Michail Jurowski and Gianluca Marciano were among the conductors. 



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