Session|séance 1.3

Session|séance 1.3.  Betty Andrews Recital Hall.
Chair: Raymond Baril

Wednesday|mercredi 23 May|mai 2018. 9:00 - 11:00AM


1.3.1. Interactive Eco-Music (Lecture-Recital)

James Harley, University of Guelph.


1.3.2. Sopanam (India, 12m)

Sharan Venugopal (Dir.)

Sopana Sangeetam is a branch of Carnatic Classical music which is primarily performed by male singers of a particular community in the temples of Kerala. Sankara Poduval (55), is a widowed sopanam singer who has lost his singing voice to throat cancer. Now he must choose a successor and he wants his only daughter who is a brilliant singer to become the next sopanam singer in the temple. But Nambiar, the temple committee head, refuses to let a woman take this respected position. He wants his own son to become the next sopanam singer. But Poduval is determined to fight for what is right, even if it means sacrificing his own life. Helping him is his apprentice Appu, a lower caste boy who loves Gauri and wants to marry her.


1.3.3 Wara, Road to the Stars (France, 54m)

Joel Foulet

'Wara, road to the stars' takes us on board to the 'Wara Wara Del Sur', a Bolivian train that goes from the Argentinian border to La Paz. The director meets local musicians on the road with the hope of meeting the 'Wara', the Bolivian Pink Floyd.

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