Session 1.3 Lecture Recitals and Mini-Concerts I

Wednesday 5 June 2019. 9AM - 11AM, Room 116
   Chair: Terence Dawson (University of British Columbia)

Lecture Recital: Music Unearthed from the Silk Road
   Nathania Ko, University of British Columbia

Having been extinct for the past four centuries, the Konghou underwent a successful reformation in 1983. As the only Canadian Konghou artist, I wish to introduce this ancient Chinese Harp to Canadian scholars and musicians. Being the sister instrument of the Western Harp, the Konghou’s double strung and modified structure creates a variety of exotic techniques and colors. The lecture-recital will consist of a 25-minute performance followed by a 15-minute lecture and 5 minute Q&A session. Three pieces from differing genres will be performed: Buddhist, Western Chinese, and traditional Chinese. The music will portray tunes from various Chinese regions and demonstrate the complexity of possibilities from a Harp rarely seen around the world. The lecture portion will include a brief introduction of the Konghou’s history and structure, then the future of world music and new music for the Konghou will be discussed.

Mini Concert: Music for a Big Sky: Piano Works from Western Canada
   Stephen Runge, Mount Allison University

Keeping Time (2011)         Vivian Fung (b.1975)            4:00

Starstruck (1995)               Alexina Louie (b.1949)         8:00

The Jack Pine (2010)         Jocelyn Morlock (b.1969)     5:00

A Wild Innocence (2011)     David L. McIntyre (b.1950)     5:30

These works are by composers from Canada’s westernmost provinces: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan.

In Vivan Fung’s Keeping Time, a constant pulse chimes against ever-changing passagework of interlocking syncopated rhythms, spanning the entire range of the keyboard. The work also evokes the Kajar, which marks a steady pulse in Balinese gamelan orchestras.

Alexina Louie’s Starstruck is in four continuous sections, evoking the night sky in the opening toccata-like Starstruck. Repeated low C’s lead into Interlude: Midnight Sky which makes use of the keyboard’s outer ranges. A hypnotic quality is created through the repeated patterns of Berceuse des étoiles, and an exuberant Epilogue concludes the work.

Tom Thomson’s painting The Jack Pine inspired Jocelyn Morlock: “I was intrigued by the way that the tree is both delicate and majestic, almost heroic in the way that it clings to life on the side of the cliff. The absolute stillness of the water and sky, and the endless gradations of colour within them, influenced both the stillness of the outer sections of the piece, and my experiment with variations of colour within large chords.”

David L. McIntyre writes: “It takes fearlessness to create or perform. I suppose it’s finding the balance between control and freedom, finding that wild innocence that liberates both creator and performer. The title came to me in the middle of the night and seemed at first bizarre. Now it feels like a perfect description both of how I like to compose and the state of mind of the eager young performer.” 

Mini Concert: The Unconventional Trio: Music for Trumpet, Bass Trombone and Piano
   Josh Davies, Nick Sullivan, and Deanna Oye; University of Lethbridge

Comprised of individually-accomplished performers, the “Unconventional Trio” was formed with the goal of performing compelling chamber music adapted for an uncommon instrumental combination.  This unique trio of Trumpet, Bass Trombone, and Piano will present several works that have been arranged and/or adapted by ensemble members Nick Sullivan and Josh Davies specifically for the “Unconventional Trio”.  The short program consists of music by Canadian, Dutch-German and American composers.


Barbara York - Fragile Dreams (originally for Flugelhorn, Tuba, and Piano) -7 minutes

Michael Hennagin -Three Emily Dickinson Songs Mvts 1, 3 - (originally for SA Choir and Piano) -7 minutes

Jan Koetsier - Irisches Trio Mvts 1, 3 (originally for Trumpet, Trombone, and Piano) - 5 - 6 minutes 

Eric Ewazen - To Cast a Shadow Again- Mvts 1, 4, 7, 8 (originally for Trumpet, Medium-Low Voice, and Piano) -10 minutes

11-11:30am     COFFEE BREAK (Lobby)

11:30-12:30    SESSION 2

Session 2.1 Opera: Wagner and After (Room 116) →

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