Session 3.3 Lecture Recitals and Mini Concerts II

Wednesday, 5 June 2019. 2-4PM, Room 113.

Lecture Recital: Recalling Schubert’s Winterreise: Bernhard Graf von Schwerin’s Wanderlieder
   Catherine Laub, University of British Columbia

Innumerable art works were lost during the Second World War, including music such as Wanderlieder (1930/31) by German nobleman and pianist, Bernhard Graf von Schwerin. Discovered by family after his death in 1945, the song cycle was provided to me in 2011 by the composer’s Canadian immigrant daughter. My public performances of Wanderlieder in 2015/16 demonstrated this work’s power to draw audiences into a narrative landscape. Wanderlieder represents a successful continuation into the twentieth-century of the late Romantic song cycle, a tradition that has gone largely unexamined in the wake of collective cultural amnesia characteristic of post-war Germany. Schwerin was influenced by Franz Schubert, linking Schwerin’s setting of Ludwig Uhland’s Wanderlieder to Schubert’s Winterreise (1827).  My lecture recital investigates how Schwerin's composition continues conventions of Schubertian song cycles, cohering around the poetic topos of the wanderer.

It Goes Without Saying: A Mini Concert of 21st-Century Clarinet Works by American Composers Nico Muhly and Randal Woolf, and Canadian Florian Hoefner
   Christine Carter and Bogdan Dulu,  Memorial University of Newfoundland

Clarinetist Christine Carter and pianist Bogdan Dulu present a concert of twenty-first century North American Music, including works by Canadian composer Florian Hoefner and American composers Randall Woolf and Nico Muhly. The program will include the third movement of Hoefner's new Suite for Clarinet and Piano, which combines modern jazz language with contemporary classical motivic development and virtuosity. They will also present Woolf’s “Everything is Green,” a musical setting of David Foster Wallace’s monologue by the same title, and Nico Muhly’s “It Goes Without Saying” for clarinet and pre-recorded backing track.

Mini Concert: A Conversation Piece
   Rea Beaumont, University of Toronto

A Conversation Piece is a beautiful program of compositions connected with extra-musical subjects that provide compelling topics for discussion, written by stylistically, culturally, and generationally diverse Vancouver composers, including 3 women composers, one of whom was a founding Faculty member at UBC.

Rea Beaumont        Aldeburgh - By the Sea (2016)         4:30         Toronto / Vancouver
Jordan Nobles        Zephyrus (2009)                                4:30         Vancouver
Chan Ka Nin           In Search Of… (2005)                        5:00         Hong Kong/Vancouver/Toronto
Jocelyn Morlock     The Jack Pine (2010)                         5:00         Vancouver
Jean Coulthard       Threnody (1968)                                6:00         Vancouver

About the Performer:
Rea Beaumont received a DMA and MMus in Piano from the University of British Columbia as a Graduate Fellowship recipient and was former UBC Faculty (Contemporary Players Ensemble, Class Piano, Advanced Conducting).

About the Repertoire:
Rea Beaumont’s Aldeburgh - By the Sea is a coloristic work that captures the beauty of the English seaside town, which is the final resting place of Sir Benjamin Britten. UBC Alumna, former UBC Faculty, now Faculty at the RCM and Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto, Beaumont premiered the composition in Italy and recorded the world premiere.

Winner of the 2017 JUNO Award for Classical Composition of the Year, Jordan Nobles captures the piano’s tone colours in this ethereal, perpetual-motion work Zephyrus, (the Greek god of the West wind). Beaumont premiered the composition in Toronto recorded the world premiere.

CBC commissioned the Dora Mavor Moore Award winner Chan Ka Nin to write In Search Of… for Rea Beaumont.  Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, Chan Ka Nin is a UBC alumnus who studied with Jean Coulthard. This composition blends Impressionism with musical influences from his Chinese heritage. Beaumont premiered the composition in Toronto and recorded the world premiere that received its
first broadcast on CBC.

The 2018 JUNO Award recipient for Classical Composition of the Year, Jocelyn Morlock, wrote the majestic work The Jack Pine as a tribute to Tom Thomson’s famous painting. Morlock is an alumna and Faculty at the UBC School of Music.

Jean Coulthard’s Threnody is an emotional, Impressionist-influenced requiem. Beaumont premiered the composition in Toronto and recorded the world premiere that received its first broadcast on BBC Radio.

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