Keynote Address: Dylan Robinson

Wednesday 5 June 2019. 4:30-5:30pm KEYNOTE ADDRESS (Roy Barnett Recital Hall) 

DYLAN ROBINSON (Queen’s University), “éy kws hákw'elestset te s'í:wes te siyolexwálh”

Indigenous ontologies of song consider many songs as possessing life. The life of Indigenous song not only prompts epistemological questions regarding our relationship to studying this and writing about this life, but also ethical questions regarding how this life has been “captured” and remains held within recording, transcription, and museums. To what extent, I ask, might we consider a paradigm of incarceration applicable to different forms of song life containment? How might we develop theories of non-human rights that extend to the life of Indigenous song? This presentation examines how forms of redress and reparation might develop through forms of advancing the health and vitality of Indigenous song-life in music disciplines, performance, and museum collections.

Reception to follow in the lobby (cash bar)

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