Friday 7 June 2019 (Morning)

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Friday 7 June 2019 (Morning)

8-9am           BREAKFAST (Lobby)

9-10am         SESSION 7

7.1 Music and Memory (Roy Barnett Hall)
   Chair: David Gramit, University of Alberta

The Failure of Cyclic Memory in Mahler’s First Symphony
   Emma Soldaat, University of Toronto

The Larks Still Bravely Sings: Re/presenting “In Flanders Field” as a Musical Text, 1915-2018
   Michelle Boyd, Acadia University

7.2 Roundtable: Radically Unsound Sounds (Room 113)

Speakers: Stefan Honisch (University of Victoria) and James Deaville (Carleton University)

Moderator: Hedy Law (University of British Columbia)

7.3 Film Series III (Room 339)

Aterúe: The Singers from Elsewhere 1hr9m
   Rufus Paisley, Aterue Films, Williamstown

10-10:30am         COFFEE BREAK (Lobby)

10:30am-12         SESSION 8

8.1 Empirical Perspectives on Music (Roy Barnett Hall)
   Chair: Philip Stoecker, Hofstra University

Modeling Polyrhythm in Twentieth- Century Western Music
   Ève Poudrier, University of British Columbia

Durational Elements in Computational Analysis
   Glen Ethier, Vanier College

Style Priming Impacts Perception of Tonal Hierarchy
   Bryn Hughes, University of Lethbridge

8.2 Records and Recordings: History, Interpretation, Analysis (Room 113)
   Chair: François De Médicis, Université de Montréal

The Grand Prix du Disque Candide: Canons, Categories, and Restructured Listening in 1930s France
   Christopher Moore, University of Ottawa

What Are We Listening For? Musical Parameters in Performance
   Jade Roth, Western University

L’authenticité mise à mal: L’hybridation entre classique et bluegrass dans «Attaboy» (2011)
   Aurélie Thériault Brillon, Université Laval

8.3 Film Series IV (Room 339)

Johnny and the G-Rays Live at the Palais Royale 58m 57
   Randy Marsh, Ngaio Productions

12-1:45pm LUNCH BREAK: SCIM Brown-Bag Lunch Panel, “Decolonization and Action” (Room 116)

Chair: William Richards (MacEwan University)

Panelists: Dylan Robinson (Queen’s University), Margaret Walker (Queen’s University), Rex Smallboy (Independent MC, DJ, and producer), Mary Ingraham (University of Alberta), Ellen Waterman (Carleton University)

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