Session 7.3 Film Series III

Friday 7 June 2019. 9-10am, Room 339.

Aterúe: The Singers from Elsewhere 1hr9m
   Rufus Paisley, Aterue Films, Williamstown

Working from You-tube videos, four New England vocalists reverse-engineer the ancient tradition of Sardinian quartet throat singing. Their first performance, posted on You-tube, goes viral in Sardinia. Aterúe: The Singers from Elsewhere follows the American quartet’s unexpected journey to Sardinia and its deepening involvement with a living if precarious folk culture. The film is a tale of first encounters between the first non-Sardinians to sing in this mysterious throat-singing quartet style and the Sardinian world that embraces them.  Capturing the sounds and sights of relationships forged across languages, cultures, and generations through a shared attachment to the music, Aterúe celebrates the vitality of this stubbornly insular Sardinian world and its capacity to survive due, in part, to its openness to the forces of elsewhere

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