Friday 7 June 2019 (Afternoon)

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Friday 7 June (Afternoon)

12-1:45pm     LUNCH BREAK: SCIM Brown-Bag Lunch Panel, “Decolonization and Action” (Room 116)

Chair: William Richards (MacEwan University)

Panelists: Dylan Robinson (Queen’s University), Margaret Walker (Queen’s University), Rex Smallboy (Independent MC, DJ, and producer), Mary Ingraham (University of Alberta), Ellen Waterman (Carleton University)

1:45-3pm      SESSION 9

9.1 Music, Radio, and the Moving Image (Room 113)
   Chair: Michael MacDonald, MacEwan University

De-Northing North: Autobiography in Glenn Gould’s Radio Documentaries
   Paul Sanden, University of Lethbridge

“They Shot, He Scored”: The Music, Methods, and Milieu of NFB Film Composer Eldon Rathburn (1916- 2008)
   James Wright, Carleton University

9.2 Steve Reich (Room 339)
   Chair: William Richards, MacEwan University

Electrifying the Compositional Process: Steve Reich, The Four Sections, Electric Counterpoint, and a Macintosh Computer
   Twila Bakker, Independent Scholar

"Repeat and Repeat Again": A Reexamination of Fuzzy Contour in Steve Reich's The Desert Music
   Kristen Wallentinsen, Independent Scholar

9.3 Lecture Recitals and Mini Concerts V (Roy Barnett Hall)
   Chair: Corey Hamm, University of British Columbia

Lecture Recital: Auguste Descarries’ Sonate pour piano (1935) and the Russo-Quebecois Tradition of Lisztian Piano Virtuosity
   François de Médicis and Janelle Fung, Université de Montréal

3-3:30pm        COFFEE BREAK (Lobby)

3:30-4:30pm    SESSION 10

10.1 Soundscapes (Roy Barnett Hall)
   Chair: David Gramit, University of Alberta

Reshaping Sound and Confessional Space in Counter-Reformation Würzburg
   Alexander Fisher, University of British Columbia

Klang-Opus à la fin de crépuscule: Improvising Place and Space in the Cape Spear Project
   Ellen Waterman, Carleton University

10.2 Film Series V (Room 339)

Doug MacPhee and Cape Breton’s Celtic Piana Style 32m 29s
   Chris McDonald, Cape Breton University

Ropani 26m 17s
   Rajat Nayyar, York University

4:30-6pm     ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (Roy Barnett Hall)

5:30-7pm     CLOSING RECEPTION (Lobby; ticket needed)

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