Session 10.2 Film Series V

Friday 7 June 2019. 3:30-4:30pm, Room 339.

Doug MacPhee and Cape Breton’s Celtic Piana Style 32m 29s
   Chris McDonald, Cape Breton University

Cape Breton's fiddling tradition, among the most vibrant and distinctive on Canada's east coast, developed a unique style of accompaniment and performance over the past century. Merging a Scottish melodic style with elements of jazz, stride, and other new world piano techniques, Cape Breton's pianists bring a powerfully rhythmic and colourful sound to the traditional dance music. This documentary explores the past and present of this style, with a focus on New Waterford pianist Doug MacPhee, whose virtuosic solo performances transformed the typical fiddle-piano duet into something that could be played on piano alone. Pianists Kimberley Fraser, Mac Morin, Mario Colosimo, and fiddler Colin Grant also speak to the style's development and contribution to contemporary Scottish fiddling in Cape Breton

Ropani 26m 17s
   Rajat Nayyar, York University

Aaji, also commonly known as Ropani in Bhudwal village in Bihar, worked for the last 40 years in the paddy field. She used to follow her mother when she was alive and worked as a ‘Ropani’. She wasn’t interested in working in the paddy field as such, but in learning the songs that her mother used to sing while working. Ever since, aaji has made a home both in and through music. 

She has three sons. All are married and have their own children. Two sons are away in Punjab working in a textile factory. Rest of the family lives together. For many years in the past, Aaji has suffered from depression, which could be due to the pressure of working in the field in order to survive. One day she was sent to a nearby spiritual healer, who transformed her and made her believe that Goddess (Devi) lives in a space that is free of negativity and depression. That moment, aaji decided to allow the Devi to become her. The whole family (and nearby villagers) felt the manifestation, bowed down to Aaji, sang and worshipped the Devi. This continues. 

Aaji’s body begins to show symptoms of this becoming. She starts to burp loudly, her hands begin to shake rapidly, head starts rotating ostentatiously and then a clap. Devi arrives. While the family, sings to the Devi...

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