MUSICultures solicits articles for publication in a special issue on Generational Frictions in Musical Ethnography of South Asia, guest edited by Dr. Margaret E. Walker, Queen’s University, and Dr. Kaley Mason, Lewis & Clark College. We also continue to solicit articles on any topic related to our mandate.

In the 1990s, musical ethnographies became more attuned to the ways in which the complexity of human relations shape the research process. This reflexive turn encouraged more nuanced treatment of gender, class, and caste in studies of the performing arts of South Asia and its diasporas. However, few musical ethnographies have examined intersections between age groups. This special issue will consider how generational affinities and frictions inform and complicate ethnographic research. We are particularly interested in reflexive accounts that explore how the researcher’s subjectivity and positionality interact with those of research consultants, including musicians, teachers and co-intellectuals, and how these relationships may have affected methodology, perspectives, and representational strategies. Which relational aspects are we still likely to ignore, why, and how might they alter or deepen our narratives of generational change? For example, how have established and new lines of inquiry, including performance, identities, histories, mobilities, and activism, shaped research between generations of scholars? How might cultural assumptions about the importance of gender or sexual orientation affect our understanding of generational cohorts and musical taste in South Asia? In what ways have new media strengthened or weakened intergenerational bonds? How are generational frictions expressed musically in communities of worship and wider political arenas? We thus invite papers addressing the intersection of ethnography with multiple themes, including but not limited to generational frictions and cohorts, youth culture, aging, aspirational mobility, memory and nostalgia, intermediality, intimacies, and livelihoods.

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