Title: Online History, Subject Matter Expert (SME) 
Reporting to: Anna Boyden, Director Digital Learning
Apply by: November 27, 2017

The Royal Conservatory of Music
(Part-time contract position until completion of project, Spring 2018)

The Royal Conservatory is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world, providing the definitive standard of excellence in curriculum design, assessment, performance training, teacher certification and arts-based social programs.

The mission of The Royal Conservatory (RCM), to develop human potential through leadership in music and the arts, is based on the conviction that the arts are humanity's greatest means to achieve personal growth and social cohesion. The curriculum for the study of music developed by The Conservatory has become Canada's national standard and its broad use has served to bind together the people of the nation with the thread of shared creative experiences.

The Conservatory has articulated a new vision for the digital engagement of young musicians. Our plan is to make the very best tools and resources in music training readily available in the kinds of digital formats that today’s youth and adults will find most engaging. Developing for a broad range of learners and programs, this role focuses on developing instructional content to guide learners through a digital version of the RCM’s theory curriculum, History 10 and ARCT

Position Summary

Reporting to the Director of Digital Learning, the Online History SME’s key role is to author and deliver content to be used in the RCM’s online history courses. The SME will work closely with the Instructional Designers to present musical concepts to young learners in a creative, engaging, and age-appropriate manner. A creative thinker and solution-finder, you understand and appreciate the opportunities and challenges associated with the study of music history. Courses will be developed asynchronously for independent study and will require all team members to recommend creative and engaging ways of presenting content to enable student success.


The SME will be associated with this project for its duration (e.g., from point of hire until launch, Spring 2018) and will need to be available for consultation, feedback, and insight throughout this time. In addition, the SME will possess the following:

  • Ability to contrast and compare existing content for generating new and interesting ways of presenting the content, e.g.:
    • create a concept map showing the interconnection and evolution of different musical genres while explaining significant relationships
    • distil a common theme between a set of required works as to better exemplify a trend, style or influence
  •  Ability to analyze a musical piece as to:
    • document its structure and significant substructures (with the use of timestamps to delimit the beginning and end of a structural element)
    • pinpoint the use of specific musical devices or elements in a composition with the use of timestamps
    • identify musical traits of an era expressed within a composition
  •  Ability to create new material based on requirements, e.g.:
    • compose a short paragraph guiding the student's listening activity to selected elements of interest (along with time stamps)
    • Select a series of compositions for demonstrating a musical trend: impressionism in music, post-romantic elements in the modern era...
  • Be available to meet in persion with team members throughout the duration of the project
  • Be available by phone or email to respond to questions (within twenty-four hours of receipt)
  • Meet all project milestones and due dates as established by Digital Learning.

Required Skills and Experience

  •  Graduate degree in music, or equivalent experience, and deep knowledge of:
    • Musical style and genres from the Middle Ages to Modern day
  •  Music teaching experience:
    • Knowledge of the areas students struggle with in RCM History 10 and 11 (ARCT)
    • Be able to prioritize information thereby enabling student success
  •  Experience writing pedagogical materials. Able to take complex concepts and explain them in a manner that is easy to understand, using examples and exercises as appropriate.
  •  Excellent writing and editing skills, with a thorough understanding of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  •  Must be detail-oriented, with a focus on accuracy and consistency at all times.
  •  Team player with good communication skills. Able to work collaboratively to achieve common goals.
  •  Ability to follow project plans and meet strict deadlines.
  •  Strong organizational and time management skills.

Recommended Skills and Experience

  •  Experience writing for online audiences
  •  Experience teaching or learning online

For additional details and to apply, please visit https://www.rcmusic.com/about-us/careers-royal-conservatory

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