In response to globally expanding communication environments, coupled with interest from students, industry, and the public, the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Fine Arts has implemented a new Bachelor of Music degree program in Digital Audio Arts (DAA).

Beginning in September 2009, the Digital Audio Arts program is unique to Western Canada as the only undergraduate degree program of its kind.

Now available from Syracuse University Press


By Sholom Kalib

Provides the most comprehensive coverage to date of the intonation of prayers of all services of the Jewish calendar year, except those of the Sabbath and Biblically ordained holidays.

This volume includes multiple renditions of every prayer, thus illustrating the broad diversity within traditional intonation of each prayer mode. In accordance with the traditional role assigned to the prayer leader of each service, renditions are presented at levels appropriate to the lay cantor (baal t'filo) as well as the professional cantor (chazz'n). Liturgical texts that were traditionally intoned by cantor and choir, or by choir alone, are also included.

The Sir Ernest MacMillan Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce that Meghan Forsyth of Toronto has been awarded $12,000 as the recipient of the Foundation’s 2008 advanced music study award. The 2008 award was offered in the area of research in Canadian music and was open to candidates from across Canada under thirty years of age.

The Sir Ernest MacMillan Memorial Foundation Award is intended to provide significant career development opportunities to a young Canadian musician or music scholar, typically at the graduate level. The recipient is chosen through a competitive process that is national in scope. The award, $12,000 in recent years, is offered annually or biennially.

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