International Conference on Mixed Music Pedagogy (ICOMMP-2018)
November 16-19, 2018  
McGill University and Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC

We are delighted to announce the program for the International Conference on Mixed Music Pedagogy (ICOMMP-2018). This is the first event of its kind: a four-day research-creation conference on the pedagogy of mixed music (music combining acoustic and electronic sound sources), including workshops, masterclasses, scholarly papers, and concerts.

For Immediate Release – July 19, 2018


The Canadian University Music Society and the SOCAN Foundation are pleased to announce that Kyle Hutchinson is the recipient of the 2018 SOCAN Foundation/George Proctor Prize for his presentation entitled “Tristan, Liszt,and Till Eugenspiegel: Chromatically-Altered Diminished Seventh Chords in Late Nineteenth-Century Harmonic Syntax”.

The SOCAN Foundation/George Proctor Prize is awarded for the best paper presented by a graduate student at the annual conference of the Canadian University Music Society. This award is for original research in any recognized branch of musical scholarship.

Kyle Hutchinson is a Ph.D. Candidate in Music Theory at the University of Toronto. His research explores chromatic harmony in the music of Wagner and Richard Strauss, focusing on ways their harmonic syntaxes extend prolongational tonality, and how these perspectives can inform analytic, hermeneutic, and cultural approaches to the works of these composers. Other research interests include historical approaches to analysis, the philosophical and ontological underpinnings of music analysis, and applying music theory and analysis to contemporary musical theatre. Kyle is also active and interested in pedagogy, and in 2017 was one of twelve graduate students at the University of Toronto shortlisted for the university-wide award for outstanding Teaching Assistants, and won a similar award from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music in 2016. Kyle has presented research at conferences across North America, most recently at the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic, Music Theory Midwest, and MusCan. While finishing his dissertation in 2018–2019,Kyle will also be serving as one of MusCan’s Graduate Student liaisons, andpresenting pre-opera talks for the Canadian Opera Company’s productions of Elektra and La Bohème in Toronto.

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For Immediate Release – July 19, 2018


The Canadian University Music Society is pleased to announce that Austin Leung is the winner of the 2018 STUDENT COMPOSER COMPETITION.

The jury selected Austin Leung’s energetic and playful string quartet, A Little Childish Fantasy, as the first prize winner.

Austin Leung is a Hong Kong-Canadian composer currently pursuing a Master of Music degree at the Royal Academy of Music, London.

Leung’s composition is distinctive in its manner of integrating contrasting musical materials in the same work. Materials range from tonal, expressive melodies to brutal contemporary noise. Such a compositional approach echoes Leung’s philosophical belief that the world is united, but also diversified. If the most contradicting musical materials can collaborate perfectly in a same piece of music, all humans, regardless of background or culture, should be able to coexist in the same world without discrimination, prejudice and war.

Recent performances of Leung's music include Music from the World by players from the Philharmonia Orchestra (UK), Prelude by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (Canada), and Serenity by the Ostrava New Orchestra (Czech Republic).

The Student Composer Competition is open to any university student who is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant or who is studying at a Canadian institution, does not yet hold a doctorate and does not hold a full-time teaching position. The competition takes place in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Canadian University Music Society.


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Indigenous Improvisation: Freedom and Responsibility is an international colloquium that brings together an array of Indigenous musicians and artists from Canada, the US, Norway, and Taiwan. Keynote speakers include Navajo composer Raven Chacon and Tagish art curator Candice Hopkins as well as Hopi lawyer and composer Trevor Reed. The colloquium takes place on July 4 & 5, 2018 at the MMaP Gallery, Arts and Culture Centre, St. John's, Newfoundland.  Keynote talks will be livestreamed from the MMaP Research Centre facebook page. For more information see:

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