Carolyne Sumner, "Musical Networks and Cultural Expression in Canada: The Postcentennial Years"

This paper investigates the development and outcomes of musical networks during the postcentennial period (1968-1982). While scholars acknowledge the celebration of Canada’s Centennial as a time of significant musical growth (Dixon 2004; Keillor, 2008), few have investigated how these circumstances changed drastically in the postcentennial period. Through a cultural-historical analysis of relevant archival materials located at Library and Archives Canada, this paper surveys the various socio-political and technological transformations which informed concepts of cultural value and policy in the period leading to and following Centennial. It considers the ramification these changes had upon the networks forged by art music composers at this time. At stake was the audibility, integration, and success of Canadian composers, and their ability to foster thriving professional networks. By illuminating the complex musical webs which informed Canada’s musical landscape at this time, this paper sheds light on a crucial, yet overlooked, period of Canadian music history.

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