Paul Bazin (Université McGill), « Serge Garant et le genre mélodique : stylistique d'une premiere maturité »

The thirteen melodies composed by Serge Garant (1929-1986) between 1951 and 1956 reveal the steps that lead him to a first period of stylistic maturity. Certain authors suggest that this maturity is characterized by Garant’s use of serialism, which peaks for the first time in the song cycle Caprices (1954). I myself have completed the analysis of these thirteen melodies, and these analyses allow me to link my conclusions to observation of this composer’s recurrent compositional strategies. I can therefore make the case that certain characteristic stylistic traits of the four Caprices – harmonic, rhythmic, and formal traits – begin to appear as early as 1951, in melodies that are not even serial. With these observations completed, it is possible for me to challenge the basis on which we have, until now, judged Serge Garant’s style, and to reintegrate certain works to his mature period.

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