Vol. 28, No. 2 (2008)
Publication date: 2009-05-15
Number of articles: 15


Separation - PDF through Erudit

Pages 3-5
Auteur(s): Murray Dineen


The Tristan Chord Resolved - PDF through Erudit

Pages 6-30
Auteur(s): Nathan Martin

A little-noticed passage from Moritz Hauptmann’s 1853 treatise Die Natur der Harmonik und der Metrik very nearly describes the opening progression of Wagner’s Tristan. The present paper surveys the various analyses of the Tristan chord presented in the theoretical literature and defends an analysis derived from Hauptmann as a viable alternative.

Pierre Boulez et le Théâtre de la Cruauté d’Antonin Artaud : De Pelléas à Rituel, in memoriam Bruno Maderna - PDF through Erudit

Pages 31-50
Auteur(s): Brice Tissier

In a 1948 text, Pierre Boulez expresses his desire to infuse his music with a ritualistic undertone comparable to that of Antonin Artaud’s poetic. This remark raises questions about Artaud’s influence, concerning both Boulez’s conducting activities and the conception of his works. The first part of this article deals with Boulez’s public writings on Pelléas et Mélisande and on the links he establishes between Debussy and Artaud in his private writings. The second part concentrates on the connections that relate Artaud’s works to those of Boulez, particularly in Rituel, in memoriam Bruno Maderna.

Interpreting Gesture as Motive: A Transformational Perspective on Replication in R. Murray Schafer’s Seventh String Quartet1 - PDF through Erudit

Pages 51-71
Auteur(s): Stephanie Lind

While the text, instrumentation, and performance details of Schafer’s Seventh String Quartet (which include an obligato soprano, colour and costume motifs, and texts based on the writings of a schizophrenic woman) seem to distract from the work’s pitch structure, seemingly disparate motives can instead be considered closely related because they repeat a particular transpositional gesture. This article uses transformational network analysis, a recently developed theoretical approach incorporating elements of mathematical and musical set theory, to illustrate similarities between these pitch motives. A brief introduction to transformational network analysis is included for those not familiar with its terminology.

Wearing Two Hats: Anne Eggleston as Composer and Pedagogue - PDF through Erudit

Pages 72-95
Auteur(s): Roxane Prevost

Canadian composer Anne Eggleston had an active career as both composer and piano pedagogue. In many of her works, such as Sketches of Ottawa, she sought to bridge the gap between these two interests. By examining the Anne Eggleston Fonds (MUS 282), acquired by Library and Archives Canada in 1997, we can begin to understand the personality of this remarkable composer and her commitment to piano pedagogy. Her teaching materials and her devotion to private students, as well as her affiliation with music organizations, paint a full picture of this important Canadian composer and pedagogue.

Book Reviews

Musiques. Une Encyclopédie pour le XXIe siècle. 2007. « 5. L’Unité de la musique », sous la direction de Jean-Jacques Nattiez. Arles-Paris : Actes Sud/Cité de la musique, 1253 p., ISBN 978-2-7427-6974-2 (couverture rigide) - PDF through Erudit

Pages 96-104
Auteur(s): Jessica Roda

Didier van Moere. 2008. Karol Szymanowski. Paris : Fayard. 695 p. ISBN 978-2-213-63774-7 (couverture cartonnée) - PDF through Erudit

Pages 104-109
Auteur(s): Justine Comtois

Adrian Thomas. 2005. Polish Music since Szymanowski. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. 384 pp. ISBN-13: 978-052-105472-0 (paper) - PDF through Erudit

Pages 109-113
Auteur(s): Brian Locke

Tanya Kevorkian. 2007. Baroque Piety: Religion, Society, and Music in Leipzig, 1650–1750. Aldershot: Ashgate. xiii, 251 pp. ISBN 978-0-7546-5490-2 (paper) - PDF through Erudit

Pages 113-116
Auteur(s): Barbara Reul

Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 2008. Dictionnaire de musique : fac-similé de l’édition de 1768 augmenté des planches sur la lutherie tirées de l’encyclopédie de Diderot, édition préparée et présentée par Claude Dauphin. Arles (Bouches-du-Rhône) : Actes Sud. LCVIII + (xiv + 683 p.), ISBN : 978-2-7427-6956-8 (couverture souple) - PDF through Erudit

Pages 116-122
Auteur(s): Cécile Champonnois

Sheenagh Pietrobruno. 2006. Salsa and Its Transnational Moves. Lanham : Lexington Books. x, 243 p. ISBN 0-7391-1468-9 (couverture souple) - PDF through Erudit

Pages 122-127
Auteur(s): Catherine Gauthier Mercier

Karen Ahlquist, ed. 2006. Chorus and Community. Illinois: University of Illinois Press. 336 pp. ISBN-13: 978-0-252-03037-6 (cloth and compact disc) - PDF through Erudit

Pages 127-128
Auteur(s): Stephanie Conn

Beate Perrey, ed. 2007. The Cambridge Companion to Schumann. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xx, 302 pp. ISBN 978-0-521-78341-5 (cloth) and ISBN 978-0-521-78950-9 (paper) - PDF through Erudit

Pages 128-137
Auteur(s): Glen Carruthers

Letter to the Editor - PDF through Erudit

Pages 138-139
Auteur(s): John Beckwith

Contributors - PDF through Erudit

Pages 140-142
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