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Institutional Membership 2021 - 600 and more Students ($440.00)
Institutional Membership 2021 - 500-599 Students ($415.00)
Institutional Membership 2021 - 400-499 Students ($385.00)
Institutional Membership 2021 - 300-399 Students ($360.00)
Institutional Membership 2021 - 200-299 Students ($330.00)
Institutional Membership 2021 - 100-199 Students ($305.00)
Institutional Membership 2021 - 0-99 Students ($275.00)
Associate Institutional Membership 2021 ($125.00)
Full-time Faculty Membership 2021 ($95.00)
Independent Scholar Membership 2021 ($50.00)
Part-Time Faculty Membership 2021 ($50.00)
Student Membership 2021 ($50.00)
CAML Membership 2021 ($50.00)
Retired Faculty Membership 2021 ($50.00)
Retired persons - 1 year membership to the Canadian University Music Society. Includes Society's Journal, Newsletter and are eligible to participate in the annual meeting.

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